Panel Discussion on Remote UX Usability Testing

Panel Discussion on Remote UX Usability Testing

This is an automatically translated post. You can find the original article in German here.

The German UPA has invited six other speakers and me to a panel discussion on remote UX usability testing.

This will take place online, in line with the current situation and the topic, and can be followed along with further details here:

German UPA's Remote-UX-Usability-Testing Panel Discussion.

I am attending on behalf of my current employer, Metronom GmbH, and am already looking forward to exchanging ideas with colleagues. My statement on this is:

"I see remote UX usability testing as an important building block for agile and user-centric product development, not only in the current crisis situation, but also beyond. However, there are more differences and challenges to classic usability testing than one might first think. At the same time, it also offers many opportunities and should not be missing in any company."

Here is the recording of it:

Online Panel Discussion "Remote UX Usability Testing" of the German UPA

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