As a psychologist and computer scientist, I have found my calling in the field of user experience research and have a wealth of experience here after several years as a senior research consultant and head of UX as well as service manager user research.

I am particularly specialized in customer experience research, technology innovations in the market and experienced in agile work with startups.

Having conducted many studies on the topics, I can especially apply my knowledge on usability testing, comprehensive user journey analysis and real-world biotic research as well as virtual reality research for optimal user-centric research.

Thanks to my affinity for technology, I am always up to date with new trends and also design interactive prototypes for iterative user-centered design tests.

Experience // Clients




  • Flow Training 2020
  • Design Thinking Coach Training 2019
  • Excellent Leadership 2018
  • IA Konferenz 2018
  • HuMITec 2017
  • World Usability Congress 2016
  • re:publica TEN 2016
  • BVM Regionalabend „Innovation – Made in Berlin" 2016
  • MOBX 2015
  • MEMEX 2015
  • Research & Results 2015: Beratung am Messestand
  • Berliner Werkstätten Mensch Maschine Systeme 2015
  • UXCamp Europe 2015


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