"Peleke"? What do you mean by that?

By Frederik, published at 20.03.2013

This text has been automatically translated.

I have often been asked what "Peleke" is all about.

The answer is quite simple, although probably not so well known.

When I was allowed to spend a vacation in Hawaii a few years ago, I liked the Hawaiian language so much that I wanted to know if my name also exists in Hawaiian.

I quickly found it and since then I often call myself "Peleke" on the internet.

More information about this (in English) can be found at BabyNamesPedia.



My name is Frederik Niedernolte, I am 36 years young and a native of Detmold in NRW.
I am a media and business psychologist (working as Service Manager User Research), trained IT specialist and hobby photographer.
In this blog I report about everything that moves me, interests me, fascinates me and present some photos of me.


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